This is the web-site for Rob Shackleford, Author.

This website is about me and the books I have created and will continue to create.

My first book, Traveller has been renamed as Traveller Inceptio as part of an intense edit process and is now available on-line as an E Book. I am working at Traveller Inceptio to be available in print.

Book 2 of Traveller Series, Traveller Probo, has just been added as an online book. As a sequel to Traveller Inceptio I hope it is a cracking read.

The reviews for Traveller Inceptio have been positive, and I hope Traveller Probo will be received well. Currently I am in the process of writing Traveller Book 3 – Traveller Manifesto.

Thank you for showing an interest in my work.

Rob Shackleford