This is the web-site for Rob Shackleford, Author.

In this world where Publishers stress the responsibility of authors to engage in self-promotion, this website is about me and the books I have created and will continue to create.  Traveller has been edited and renamed Traveller – Inceptio as part of an intense edit process. Traveller – inceptio is republished, while the sequel Traveller – Probo is currently in the creative process.

Why write when there are so many books in the world? Well it becomes a nice creative outlet, or maybe even some kind of therapy, but in the end I am driven to write and I think there are still stories that can be told that are different. My goal is that they are entertaining enough to be remembered.

So far those who have read Traveller provided a very encouraging evaluation as a book that is a great read. There have been many calls for the sequel, which I expect will be available later in 2017.

Thank you for showing an interest in my work.

Rob Shackleford