March 2017 Book Reviews for Traveller Inceptio

I have received my first book reviews - which are thankfully very positive. As an emerging author reviews are the mother's milk - for they will feed or allow me to wilt on the vine. Reviewers make no effort to sugar coat their comments for, if they hate the book, they will say. So far - so good. These reviewers are staff from Reader's Favorite - - a professional book review organisation. My relief knows no bounds. Apologies for the confusing links - if you are interested in purchasing a copy of Traveller Inceptio: E Books Only at the moment I'm afraid - I'm investigating the best way to have new hard-copy books printed Please Click , go to thebottom of the page, or visit the Traveller Inceptio Page Review #1: Review by Chris Fischer Review Rating: 5 Stars Reviewed By Chris Fischer for Readers’ Favorite Wow! Just, wow! That's exactly what I thought when I finished reading the excellent new book by author Rob Shackleford, Traveller-Inceptio which...
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My Process

Writing a book ain't easy! Why be a writer? Not only must you have that terrific idea, and then put the words to paper in a coherent manner, but the road of having your book published can be fraught with pot-holes and poor signage that afflicts any travelling the road away from the more crowded thoroughfares. Not only must you finish your book, but you have to publish it, which can be the most challenging step of all.   My process: I might not have taken the best road, as I believe everyone's process will be different, but I hope some might gain a little insight in viewing my efforts.   Write the story. Many best selling authors indicate that the story is most important, while aiming at perfect prose is less so. I wrote my story, then rewrote it a dozen times. Adding the odd simile or metaphor seems less important than having your style and getting your story out there. I tried, oh God I tried. Test market. I...
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On Being Perfect

Writing is a beautifully creative process that, like most of the arts, is prone to commercial failure. After all, literary success is now, more than ever, a numbers game. Most new writers must undergo a subjective process that, no matter how many may think your efforts are brilliant, is doomed to, at best, skirt along the razor’s edge of commercial viability. That’s in the beginning of a career anyway. How many times have I looked at contemporary work of art, or read a book where it seems any real skill has been cast aside to cash in on an established name or controversial topic. I was once advised that Publishers are interested in only two sources – an established author, or a celebrity name (eg sporting celebrity). In the harsh reality of the viciously competitive literary market, publishers want a sure thing and are, as a result, unwilling to take on new authors. Today’s publishing business is tougher, less likely to take...
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