On Being Perfect

Writing is a beautifully creative process that, like most of the arts, is prone to commercial failure. After all, literary success is now, more than ever, a numbers game. Most new writers must undergo a subjective process that, no matter how many may think your efforts are brilliant, is doomed to, at best, skirt along the razor’s edge of commercial viability. That’s in the beginning of a career anyway. How many times have I looked at contemporary work of art, or read a book where it seems any real skill has been cast aside to cash in on an established name or controversial topic. I was once advised that Publishers are interested in only two sources – an established author, or a celebrity name (eg sporting celebrity). In the harsh reality of the viciously competitive literary market, publishers want a sure thing and are, as a result, unwilling to take on new authors. Today’s publishing business is tougher, less likely to take...
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Why Write?

Why Write? Perhaps the greatest question that faces any aspiring writer is, Why Bother? In today’s technologically gifted world, it is easier to write than ever before. No longer does a writer struggle with a pencil and paper, or even a battered typewriter but the silky-smooth computer programmes and keyboards that are to writing what the jetliner is to travel; it opens up possibilities that were never before dreamed of. For some. So I have to think of why I write. Why take the time to record, to attempt to better express? I have never been accused of being a literary person. Though I have read widely and continue to attempt to feed the mind through reading, I doubt I could ever become so brilliant as to paint the beautifully detailed canvass as, to mention only a few, Salman Rushdie or Ernest Hemmingway, or my father’s favourite; Somerset Maugham. I’m so literate that I had to check their name spelling on Google, just to...
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The Journey

Writing can be a challenge, but it's one I enjoy and will persist with. I read a lot of books and, like most of us, have enjoyed the brilliant and decried the rubbish, but there seems to be a market for all. In my humble opinion, part of writing is to make the topic either totally fantastic, or to hold up to some reasonable scrutiny from the reader. If the research or continuity has been shoddy, enjoyment tends to go out the window. Traveller took a long time to research and write and was a process that included people who passed through my life. In the creative process I thank two people still in my life; my good friend Mike Stillman who acted as an editor for my inexperienced ramblings, and Mum who was my censor where she recommended I trim some words that might have become too florid. Once an author has a reasonably completed document, it is very difficult to be taken...
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