img-seashep-gpeace I am of the belief that everyone, especially in the more affluent countries, can and potentially should have a cause they can champion.Whether the cause is to grow local vegetable gardens, to care for homeless domestic animals, to care for our growing hordes of homeless, or to support global organisations such as Greenpeace, Sea Shepherd,  or Amnesty International, I am convinced that, while nobody can do everything, everyone can do something.

Participants don’t have to be rich. Sometimes to give a homeless person a meal, or to sign a petition, costs very little. I chose something I am particularly interested in, for to help in my chosen cause helps me to step outside of ‘self’ a little more.

I once met an inspiring German group called Hardcore Help, a gnarly bunch of heavily tattooed young adults who raised funds off their own bat to provide clean drinking water aid to some of the poorer communities in Africa. When they were on one such trip to Kenya, they learned of a woman who had been raped by local police and, when she complained, was placed into prison. Her child-of-rape was born in prison and grew up running and playing with the children of other like women, never knowing anything but oppressive incarceration and the feeling of concrete beneath their feet.

It was estimated that only $US1,000 was needed to help the woman and her child and, on learning of her plight, the team of Hardcore Help immediately raised the funds and paid for her freedom .

Hardcore_Help_KenyaThe story of Hardcore Help inspires me as, despite appearances, these potentially marginalised young adults had, without advocating any religion, politics, or without a lot of cash, committed to change the world one person at a time, starting with themselves.

I believe we should wear our cause like a badge of honour and, instead of zodiac signs, are a way to identify ourselves to potential mates at parties, wear as a badge on a jacket, or should be an essential inclusion in any resume.

So, with that in mind, I identify with and try to actively support two main causes:

    1. I support the supply of water aid to those who have no clean water to drink. The irony is that clean water is possible to us all, yet greed is making the supply of water an issue, even to affluent nations.
    2. I support Sea Shepherd and Greenpeace in advocating care for the Oceans. I have particular interest in coral reef degradation, ocean acidification, plastic pollution, and overfishing. I have, for quite some years, been an active Scuba diver and the degradation I have personally witnessed of the amazing Great Barrier Reef is tragic and heart-breaking.

While my efforts might currently be humble, I hope for greater participation in the future.

Please consider your own cause. Support doesn’t necessarily involve chaining yourself to trees or waving placards, but with each of our small efforts the world can become a better place for us all.