When I was a child I, with my brothers and sister, were often told exciting bed-time stories by my father. They were always special times, especially when I was small and my brother Neil and I lay in our bunk-beds as Dad spun tales to excite and interest us.

Often he would illustrate his tales with chalk on a blackboard in our bedroom.While I can barely recall the details of the stories, I have embellished the recollections to create two children’s picture books; “The Christmas Beetle”, and “The World of Colour” which will be collaborative works with Dad. Just to keep it in the family, my daughter, Bree, who is currently studying art, is in the process of completing some truly wonderful illustrations.

More tales are in their way. In writing childrens’ stories I hope not only to entertain but to also help children to learn and view this beautiful world in their own creative, special way.