I have not been idle.

In my writing world, I am currently immersed in three main projects.

1. To have Traveller Inceptio republished.

I think as a writer I enjoy a healthy case of paranoia. Will my writing ever be worthy?

I put the question to the test and was fortunate in that many Book Bloggers were happy to take their time in the risky pursuit of reading new publications. As a kind of quid pro quo I also read one and, I hate to say, it was a gruelling task.

So it was to my relief, (my first emotion), and subsequent delight that I have received some very positive reviews. Almost 20 have been 5 star, a couple of 4 star and one 3 star. To me, this means the story is worth a read.

Negatives have been mainly as the text has been written in UK and Australian format English. Once that misunderstanding was sorted, things only got better.

As an example, here is a latest review from blogger Anthony Avina. 


I have also submitted myself to the masochistic process of having my work professionally proof read. It was a costly process, my second, and there were considerable changes.

However, there comes a time when a writer must develop some self-esteem, especially as, thanks to my membership at the local library, I have read many new and old novels . Regrettably, I find myself falling into the trap of treating their work like mine and editing the prose as I read.

My lessons as a author:

  • Respect criticism and corrections that are not too destructive.
  • Have faith in myself as supported by positive reviews – I believe the story is good!
  • Understand that writing is like any other journey in that we get better at it as we go along.

The files are currently with Book Baby who is replacing the old version with the new, shiny Traveller Inceptio which will be the final version, warts and all.

It has been quite a journey.

2. My second book, Traveller Probo, is now in draft.

Traveller Probo by Rob Shackleford

By draft it means that I believe the story to be sound and most grammatical corrections made. I will reread and edit in a few weeks.

Traveller Probo follows on from Traveller Inceptio and is Book 2 of the Traveller Series.

Here is the precis:

Would you survive if sent one-thousand years into the past?

Development of the Transporter saw highly trained researchers, called Travellers, successfully sent one-thousand years back in Time to early medieval Saxon England.

Traveller Missions now mean enormous national prestige and the recovery of valuable lost artefacts and knowledge, so nations vie for the use of the Transporter and more daring Traveller missions are planned.

As the study of History becomes hotly contested, politics and power soon come into play.

To study lost peoples and civilisations, Special Forces researchers have to be even better trained, better equipped, and prepared to put their lives on the line.

While Michael Hunter continues to build a life in Saxon England, the tragically injured Tony Osborne finds his resurgence in a mission to ancient Turkey, and Professor Adrian Taylor seeks to better outmanoeuvre his contentious colleagues.

From the misty shores of New Zealand to the shining splendour of the ancient Byzantine Empire, it is soon learned that sending modern researchers into the past is not without its rewards, and pitfalls.

I offer a FREE electronic copy of Traveller Probo to anyone who contacts me via FaceBook – simply like my Author account:


I will need your file preference (EPub, Mobi, PDF) and your email address.

I hope you enjoy. Please tell your friends.

Copies of Traveller Inceptio, Traveller Book 1, are currently available on Amazon.

Electronic books only, with Printed versions coming soon.

You will not be subjected to Spam and I request the same courtesy.

3. Traveller Manifesto – Traveller Book 3

Traveller Book 3 is under intense development and is about half written.

I can’t give anything away at the moment, but I hope to have a rough draft by Christmas or early 2018.

Merry Christmas to you all and may 2018 be your successful year!

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