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Field of Bookish Dreams – by Laura


Here are some reader and reviewer comments:

Brilliant! Was very hard to put down. The writer captured me with accurate historical detail interwoven with a compelling fictional tale that makes for super reading. Loved Traveller Inceptio – I’m now waiting for a sequel…!

Deborah-JaneDunedin, New Zealand

5 Stars! Loved it!
Traveller Inceptio is a great book!
Keeps you going with plot surprises and great descriptive writing. Certainly an interesting take on the many Time Travel stories I’ve read.

MikeCooloolabin, Australia

I have just finished Traveller Inceptio. I could not put it down – it is an exciting story. Can’t wait for the movie!!!!

BarryNambour, Australia

Traveller Inceptio is exciting!… Keeps the pages turning…

ChrisEmerald, Australia