img-robTraveller – Probo is the sequel to Traveller Inceptio and the second of three books that will constitute the Traveller series. I didn’t initially plan this, but Traveller Inceptio lent itself to a sequel.

About Traveller Probo

‘Probo’ is Latin for to verify or prove.

Following the success of the first Traveller mission to Saxon Aengland, there is an intense demand from nations to use the Transporter for their own Traveller projects.

New Zealand is offered an opportunity to use the Transporter as part of a lottery for small nations, while larger nations must pay for the privilege. Missions to Mississippi in the USA and Kiev in the Ukraine are planned, though the main emphasis is to the ancient city of Constantinople, capital of the 11th Century Christian Byzantine Empire.

In an atmosphere of intense political and financial rivalry, the original Transporter inventors attempt to duplicate their original invention while Michael in Saxon Aengland experiences  complications as he strives to survive.

More about writing the Traveller Trilogy

When we examine the history of humanity one thousand years in the past we find:

  • Many human populations were experiencing massive change and population migration. Migration meant populations coming into contact and the inevitability of violent conflict. This resulted in the extinction of  cultures and races.
  • The people of the time were often not people we of the 21st Century would like to visit. Over a surprisingly wide segment of the globe, any strangers risked becoming victims of cannibalism or ritual sacrifice. The Pacific, the Americas, Africa, and indeed many locations would be just too dangerous for a 21st Century researcher to visit.

Traveller – Probo‘ covers more about the main characters from Traveller. How will they fare? What is their fate?

Who can say?