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New Rob Shackleford Novel – Traveller Manifesto

Now Rob Shackleford Novel – Traveller Manifesto

I am delighted to announce the publication of my new novel: Traveller Manifesto.

Traveller Manifesto - Book 3 of the Traveller series by Rob Shackleford

It’s the third of a series I began over ten years ago when I wrote Traveller Inceptio. The concept of these novels is highly speculative. What if someone created a device that would send a person back only 1000 years – no more, no less.

(In my defense, please note – Traveller Inceptio and the associated time-travel universe was written before we had seen Game of Thrones, Outlander, and a crappy TV show called Travellers. While my books are so different to all of these, I must say I first viewed each with a touch of panic.)

So, what if the invention in Traveller Inceptio was in the public domain, that it was not hidden by any subversive government agency or corporation?

What if one could only be sent back in time 1000 years?

Who would you send, and why?

The premise of the Traveller Novels is that some of the world’s ultimate survivors, being modern Special Forces troops, are deemed to be the most likely Historical Researchers for an unlikely ambitious project. These men (alas, women were considered too risky) are especially trained to investigate the world of 1000 years in the past. After intense training in language, history, and in the various handicrafts and weapons they would be expected to come into contact with, how would such an individual survive?

Traveller Inceptio follows the fortunes of Michael Hunter, one of the first individuals called Travellers, as he is sent to the forests of Saxon England. There he makes contact with locals and … to find out more, check out Traveller Inceptio.

Traveller Inceptio and Traveller Probo
Traveller Inceptio and Traveller Probo by Rob Shackleford

When I wrote Traveler Inceptio I was a new writer, so after countless edits and learning the ropes of the publishing world, making liberal mistakes along the way, I was surprised and delighted when many who read my book enjoyed it enough to ask about a sequel.

A sequel?

More research and soul-searching, then Traveller Probo was written. There I decided to aim high, so targeted the Byzantine Empire of the early 11th Century as the most likely target for researchers.

By then I knew I would write three books in the series, so Traveller Manifesto was also born.

I am obsessive in my research of the history for my novels, though there are always aspects that I might miss. For these, I ask forgiveness. I have had to complete what I would consider University-level research into the Saxons, Vikings, the Roman Byzantine Empire, Kievan Rus, Mississippian Cahokia, 1st Century Roman Legions, New Zealand Maori, Palestine-Judea, and so much more. In all I have strived to be true to the real history, to what is known and what is not. I freely admit that the more I learn, the more I realise I know very little, so I always seek to learn and know more.

I also make the assumption that the people of these locations and times are human, with a fondness and fears that we would be able to relate to. There are also moments of violence, when police or peacekeepers are not in existence and one often has to defend ones-self. I have made every effort not to be gratuitous in any sex or violence in my novels, but they exist.

Most important – I don’t assume that any interaction with those peoples would result in a conversation in Southern Californian as we so often see in the movies and TV-based series.

Traveller Manifesto takes place after resounding successes of numerous risky Traveller missions, successes measured in the acquisition of valuable, lost knowledge and the garnering of enormous global prestige. It is a time when the concept of sending skilled historical researchers into the past is most contested, where global politics would inevitably come into play.

Here’s the back jacket summary of Traveller Manifesto:


Traveller Manifesto is Book 3 of the Traveller Trilogy, the explosive final sequel to Traveller Inceptio and Traveller Probo.
To use the enigmatic Transporter and send Special Forces trained Researchers back a thousand years is now the biggest game in world politics.
But not only politics, as academics scramble to outdo each other and harness prestige in the increasingly influential field of History.
As Professor Taylor is rescued from Byzantine Rome, a heavily-armed US Traveller team explores Mississippian Cahokia to experience a situation beyond even their control. Michael Hunter and Tatae flee Giolgrave in the hope of finding safety from modern interference. But at a terrible cost.
And something seems to be happening in Israel, resulting in the creation of a high-profile investigation team to uncover if there is a clandestine Traveller mission operated by the US and Israel.
From the windswept mountains of Wales, to the hills of Cahokia and the dusty wadis of the Negev, researchers find that to visit the past may not necessarily provide the answers they seek.


Please check out Traveller Manifesto, available on line in eBook and Paperback format.

As always, I most appreciate literary reviews and welcome if they are sent to me as well as placed onto the various domains, especially Amazon and Goodreads. Unfortunately, I have to play that game and try for a more expansive on-line presence. As always, I’m delighted to chat with literary bloggers, through questionnaire-based interviews and podcasts.

Now, a plug. I seek a reliable, commercially-driven literary agent and publisher. I’m free to conduct business with any professional who seeks to work with me and my work, though I’m especially grateful for the continued help of Claire Plaisted, of Plaisted Publishing, in assisting to get these works into a professionally self-published format.

Plaisted Publishing has worked on Traveller Inceptio, Traveller Probo and Traveller Manifesto by Rob Shackleford

While this is not, by any means, the end of my writing, I believe I have completed the Traveller series and ended it well.

I hope my readers agree.




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About the author:

Hi, I’m Rob Shackleford. I am author of a number of novels: Traveller Inceptio, Traveller Probo and the recently published part 3 of the Traveller series, Traveller Manifesto. My research into 1000 years into the past has included Vikings, which are a fascinating field of historical study.

Here is the Amazon link for my novels.

In reading my novels, I would most appreciate if you sent a review and, perhaps, a picture of yourself with my book – either paperback or on kindle. Link with me on Social Media. I most welcome your comments and images.

I hope you enjoy.

Rob Shackleford Traveller Inceptio - a novel by Rob Shackleford Rob Shackleford's new novel and part 2 of the Traveller trilogy: Traveller Probo Traveller Manifesto - Book 3 of the Traveller series by Rob Shackleford

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