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At this stage of my author process, reviews are made by both readers and reviewers. Enlisting the skills of bloggers and reviewers is a process fraught with risk, as most are very nice but some, well, aren’t. There are always trolls and nobody writes a book loved by all. I have learned some will take more time criticizing than they do in reading, while others can’t spell. Yet, fortunately, reviews for Traveller Inceptio have been overwhelmingly positive. Please check out the blogger and reviewer links below.

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Here are some more reader and reviewer comments:

This book Traveller Inceptio is one of those books you can’t or maybe don’t want to put down. Read more

Dick Leonardo (

I highly recommend ‘Traveller Inceptio‘ to the readers, who love Science Fiction, Historical Fiction and time travel genres. Read more

Super Intriguing

This extraordinary tale is detailed and accurate Read more

Stephen Lance

Traveller Inceptio – a book that came highly recommended Read more

Stephen Lance

This book is surely going to leave a long impression on readers Read more


Totally worth reading Read more


A pleasurable read from page to page, I look forward to furthering installations. Read more

Kevin S

The mashing of past and present peoples provides an enjoyable mechanism through which history and the peoples therein can be examined Read more

Kevin S

I would recommend Traveller Inceptio to all book lovers into science fiction. Read more

Khyati Raja

Highly Recommended to everyone out there and especially those who love to read Science Fiction. Read more