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Viking Foods – Fruits and Sweets by Rob Shackleford

Viking Foods – Fruits and Sweets by Rob Shackleford

Viking desserts and cakes in Viking Foods by Rob Shackleford
Cloud Berries


When we say “fruit” – often we think of fruits such as apples, oranges, bananas and maybe pineapple.

Yet none of these fruits were available to the Vikings!

True, they had access to crab-apples, much harder than the apples that originated in Kazakhstan and were grown in China. Now, nearly 8000 varieties of apples have been identified around the world.

Oranges are a hybrid of pomalo and mandarins, and were introduced into Europe by the Moorish invasions around the 10th Century. Vikings would have come into contact with oranges as they invaded and settled parts of the Mediterranean, but they weren’t commonly eaten by Vikings.

Wild fruit and berries grew abundantly in the Viking period. The Vikings could supply themselves with raspberries, bilberries, sloe berries, lingon berries, strawberries, bilberries and cloudberries, while plums, wild apples and hazelnuts from the woods.

Walnuts were also available in some areas.

The Vikings knew about the health benefits of eating apples. In Nordic mythology the goddess Idun’s apples kept the gods eternally young, if they ate them regularly.

Honey was the only sweetener the Vikings knew and not only sweetened foods but also made the alcoholic drink, mead.

Here are some authentic Viking recipes that used fruit and honey.

Viking desserts and cakes in Viking Foods by Rob Shackleford

Viking desserts and cakes in Viking Foods by Rob Shackleford

Viking desserts and cakes in Viking Foods by Rob Shackleford

Viking desserts and cakes in Viking Foods by Rob Shackleford

Viking recipes in Viking Foods 3 by Rob Shackleford

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