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New Novel – “Drowned Paradise” – Coming Soon!

My fifth novel – Drowned Paradise – is due to be published in 2023. My other novels published to date are:

Please click on the links for more on the books, and purchase links as well.

Overseen by the lovely Claire Plaisted of Plaisted Publishing,  Drowned Paradise is essentially a disaster book – at first.

Having lived on the Gold Coast for a while, in beautiful Burleigh, it was a common joke to determine what to do if faced with a tsunami. But, what if it was a big one! Oh, I know, disaster stories are so ’80’s, but I have included a few issues that we could relate to, such as a dysfunctional government and the loss of tech.

It’s challenging, but is delightful to write, research and put ideas to paper. For me, it involves being edited and rewriting my manuscript many times. Sometimes the edit, even when conducted professionally, can miss some items. Sorry folks.

Writing means incredible amounts of varied reading and other research. In the Traveller series, that means historical research. Historical research means understand today’s world in view of the past and, generally, it is not as described in the popular and social media. To engage in historical research means to venture opinions that some disagree with. If it involves the Middle East, some get upset. I understand to engage in research is difficult and time consuming, so I understand those differences in opinion.

Just to let the world know:

  • I love history and am happy to have errors in my historical narrative corrected by specialists in the field. I welcome this and, one day, expect to be corrected.
  • I have a concern with the modern culture of endless wars and Orwellian politics and I find it impossible not to comment.
  • I am not religious, though I was raised religious. I believe religion has no role in politics.
  • I am a greenie, hoping for the technologies and attitude that allows us to make less of a footprint on the globe in which we live, to live harmoniously with each other and the world.
  • I am looking for an agent and a professional publisher to ensure a more effective marketing effort for my books.

There. Having pretty well offended most, I hope you enjoy my novels. I plan to have others published soon.

Be safe.

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Rob Shackleford

Rob Shackleford

Coming soon - my 4th novel Quantum Crystal. I anticipate that this will be published in April 2022. This novel is not part of the Traveller universe, but examines a treatment invented for the many Traumatic Brain Injury and PTSD sufferers from the all too many Middle East conflicts. The treatment seems to be successful, but is it as simple as that?
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