Traveller Inceptio by Author Rob Shackleford
Rob Shackleford's new novel and part 2 of the Traveller trilogy: Traveller Probo
Traveller Manifesto - Traveller book 3 by Rob Shackleford
Quantum Crystal by Rob Shackleford
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This is the web-site for Rob Shackleford, Author.

Sequel to “Drowned Paradise” – Coming Soon!

Drowned Paradise needs a sequel – we all know it. The title will be Dark Paradise and, I hope, will be available late 2024

If you are interested in a cracking read, my other novels published to date are:

Please click on the links for more on each of these books. My chosen genre is gentle science-fiction and have been flatteringly described to be somewhat akin the style of Michael Crichton. The target pages, on this site, contain some purchase links, for the books are available as eBooks or in paperback.

For authors, I enlist the valuable services of  Claire Plaisted of Plaisted Publishing,  Contact her to help with your own literary projects. She is a lovely, helpful person and lives in New Zealand.

I’ll have more details on Dark Paradise soon.

I plan to have another book published in 2025.

Be safe folks – it’s becoming ever crazier out there..

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Rob Shackleford

Rob Shackleford

I am currently author of 5 novels, with more on their way. I hope you enjoy. Five novels is a lot, but I have another book planned for 2024, with one planned for publication in 2025. Wish me luck!
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