Quantum Crystal

Quantum Crystal by Rob ShacklefordQuantum Crystal

Is humanity evolving?

Today, millions suffer from Traumatic Brain Injury and Post-Traumatic Stress due to warfare, car accidents and violence. In response to this global epidemic, pioneering medical researchers develop a new treatment that is seen to produce outstanding results. Dubbed the ‘Quantum Crystal’, the treatment is soon rolled out for many of the maladies that affect modern humanity.
But is this treatment all it is purported to be, or are deeper changes under way?

‘Quantum Crystal’ examines the efforts of victim support group, The Staff, to rollout the Quantum Crystal to a deeply divided humanity and the inevitable violent opposition to change.

I wrote Quantum Crystal as my second book. Since the first draft, so many of the issues and events I essentially predicted have come to past, so I have had to reread and rewrite on so many occasions that I decided to have Quantum Crystal published before more happened to make the story irrelevant.

Quantum Crystal is gentle science-fiction, and like the other of my novels so far looks at how an invention can have dramatic changes if permitted to see the light of day.

Not surprisingly, I am cynical about today’s market driven culture. I do believe that many fabulous inventions have been crushed by wealthy industries not willing to allow that something good for humanity would be permitted to destroy their industry. Fossil fuels are one obvious example.

As in all writing, one must have an opinion, have the opinion well-researched, and then have the opinion expressed in a manner that is reasonable and logical.

I hope you find Quantum Crystal interesting and worth your time to read.

Quantum Crystal by Rob Shackleford - 5 Stars from N N Light's Book Heaven




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