Review by Ray Simmons of Readers’ Favorite

Review by Ray Simmons of Readers’ Favorite

I am a sucker for a great time travel story.

Rob Shackleford has done his research and the result is a rousing adventure with a great premise. Alternating the chapters that take place now with chapters that occur in England of a thousand years ago is a great way to keep the pace and flow moving ahead.

For me, the most entertaining portion of Traveller – Inceptio is the life of a modern man in an ancient time. He must reason and knows a lot more about how the world works. But he also must fight, and being a modern man in that area has no advantages unless you are well trained and used to violence.

There are a lot of great scenes and interesting situations in Traveller – Inceptio, but for me, there is a love story that topped all the others.

Ray Simmons