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A Promotional Skit on my Publishing experiences

Rob Shackleford’s 1 minute elevator speech on Traveller Inceptio

Rob Shackleford introduces his first novel: Traveller Inceptio

Rob Shackleford - Author of Traveller Inceptio, Traveller Probo and Traveller Manifesto

Rob Shackleford – Author

Rob Shackleford Media Kit


Traveller Inceptio by Author Rob Shackleford

Rob Shackleford and Traveller Inceptio


Rob Shackleford's new novel and part 2 of the Traveller trilogy: Traveller Probo

Rob Shackleford and Traveller Probo

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My author’s Interview with the lovely Patty from Tell-it-to-the-World Marketing

Tell it to the World Marketing with Patty