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At this stage of my author process, reviews are made by both readers and reviewers. Enlisting the skills of bloggers and reviewers is a process fraught with risk, as most are very nice but some, well, aren’t. There are always trolls and nobody writes a book loved by all. I have learned some will take more time criticizing than they do in reading, while others can’t spell. Yet, fortunately, reviews for Traveller Inceptio have been overwhelmingly positive. Please check out the blogger and reviewer links below.

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Traveller Inceptio

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Anthony Avina – Author

N N Light Book Heaven


Here are some more reader and reviewer comments:

If you’re looking for an original story, pick up Quantum Crystal. It’ll make you think twice about where big pharma is taking humanity. Read more

N N Light Book Heaven

The narration really brings home the idea of human evolution and the consequences it brings. Read more

N N Light Book Heaven

The world-building truly takes this book to an epic level. Read more

N N Light Book Heaven

Recommended to all fans of this series. Recommended to all fans of time travelling books. Recommended to everyone who enjoys conspiracy books. Read more

N N Light

A gripping, intense, and richly diverse historical fiction thriller and sci-fi tale, author Rob Shackleford’s “Traveller Manifesto” is a must-read novel and the perfect historical fiction read to finish out 2021 with. Read more

Anthony Avina

In Traveller Probo – The attention to detail and imagery the author uses throughout this narrative was so vibrant and engaging that it felt almost cinematic in quality. Read more

Anthony Avina

This was such an adventurous and thought-provoking follow-up to the author’s equally exciting first book in the sci-fi series, Traveller Inceptio. Read more

Anthony Avina

A brilliant, gripping, and heart-pounding historical fiction and sci-fi read, author Rob Shackleford’s “Traveller Probo” is a must-read novel Read more

Anthony Avina

Traveller Inceptio is a novel that readers will become fully engrossed in and unable to out down. Read more

Artisan Book Reviews

Traveller Inceptio is an entertaining, enjoyable and gratifying read, filled with action, adventure and a touch of romance. Rob Shackleford’s exemplary writing style is smart, clever and creative, drawing readers in from start to finish. Read more

Artisan Book Reviews