Traveller Inceptio – Traveller Book 1

If you were sent a thousand years into the past, would you survive?

After the accidental development of the Transporter, university researchers determine that the device sends any subject one thousand years into the past.

Or is it into a possible past?

The enigmatic Transporter soon becomes known as a Time Machine, but with limitations.

An audacious research project is devised to use the Transporter to investigate Medieval Saxon England, when a crack international team of Special Services soldiers undergo intensive training for their role as historical researchers.

The special researchers, called Travellers, are to be sent into what is a very dangerous period in England’s turbulent past.

From the beaches of Australia to the forests of Saxon England, Traveller – Inceptio reveals how Travellers soon learn that they need more than refined combat skills and modern technology to survive the trails of early 11th Century life.

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Writing “Traveller – Inceptio”

“Traveller – Inceptio” is my first novel and, like any first novel, is the result of years of writing, rewriting, editing, and then leaving it to sit and mature, or rather for me to mature, so I could go back and write new chapters and make adjustments. Originally titles “Traveller”, Traveller – Inceptio was rebranded to make the book name stand out more.

To keep the historical components accurate I had to engage in considerable research. In so doing I have tried not to become too engrossed in the historical minutiae of Saxon or Gabi Gabi Aboriginal life but have attempted to look at what it was like to be a person living there and then. If I have made errors, these are a lapse in my research or understanding and are not meant to be malicious or lazy. I welcome scholarly and cultural input and corrections so I can better understand the rich tapestry of human history where I dip my toes on occasion.

While writing Traveller I have the deepest gratitude for friends and family for their encouragement, input, and correcting my many spelling and grammatical errors.The inspiration for Traveller came when I was sitting on a beach one day and observing the many resorts that proliferate around Australian beaches. Thinking how the world has changed over twenty years then led to speculation of changes over the past two hundred years since the European settlement of Australia. So – why not 1000 years? The world was such a different place.

The cover is an image of a Saxon saex or knife as created by Artist Blacksmith and Bladesmith Owen Bush of Kent in England. I am grateful for his generosity in permitting the use of his image. View his impressive work at 

To describe the attempt to professionalise the writing process, this book has been physically published, professionally edited, rewritten and shortened, republished in electronic format, and recently proofread. Phew!

I hope you find Traveller Inceptio to be an enjoyable read. 

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Traveller Inceptio is exciting!… Keeps the pages turning…
ChrisEmerald, Australia
I have just finished Traveller Inceptio. I could not put it down – it is an exciting story. Can’t wait for the movie!!!! Read more
BarryNambour, Australia
5 Stars! Loved it! Traveller Inceptio is a great book! Keeps you going with plot surprises and great descriptive writing. Certainly an interesting take on the many Time Travel stories I’ve read.
MikeCooloolabin, Australia
Brilliant! Was very hard to put down. The writer captured me with accurate historical detail interwoven with a compelling fictional tale that makes for super reading. Loved Traveller Inceptio – I’m now waiting for a sequel…!
Deborah JaneDunedin, New Zealand
Really good! I thoroughly enjoyed it. Traveller Inceptio is well-researched and a page-turner from the start.
John ThomasCaloundra, Australia
I loved the Traveller Inceptio …I enjoyed the research and the history…it was so amazingly detailed I swear the author actually visited 1000 years ago. I would recommend this book to every avid reader.
Wow! Just, wow! I so enjoyed Traveller-Inceptio. Author Rob Shackleford has done a fantastic job in creating characters that his readers will connect with, relate to, and truly come to care about. If that isn’t a hallmark of a great author, I’m not sure what is.
Chris Fischer
Inceptio by Rob Shackleford is a great entry in the Traveller series, a compelling story that brilliantly combines science fiction and adventure to create great entertainment for readers. I have read a lot of sci-fi that features time travel, but Rob Shackleford’s work deals with the subject from a unique angle. The question “Can past history be judged by the achievements of our age?” will find a very creative and intelligent answer in this story. Inceptio is fast-paced and well-plotted… Read more
Romuald Dzemo
Traveller – Inceptio by Rob Shackleford is a historical science fiction novel that blew my mind. The past world is filled with great detail and funny incidents that left me laughing. At the beginning, the story starts off a bit slowly but quickly picks up the pace until the conclusion. The author portrayed the Saxon world in such vivid detail that I could ‘see’ and relate to the people in the past. Traveller – Inceptio shows the ugliness of war in a graphic but thought provoking way. I really… Read more
Maureen Dangarembizi
I am a sucker for a great time travel story. Rob Shackleford has done his research and the result is a rousing adventure with a great premise. Alternating the chapters that take place now with chapters that occur in England of a thousand years ago is a great way to keep the pace and flow moving ahead. For me, the most entertaining portion of Traveller – Inceptio is the life of a modern man in an ancient time. He must reason and knows a lot more about how the world works. But he also must f… Read more
Ray Simmons