About Me – Rob Shackleford

This is just a quick bio about me, Rob Shackleford.

  • Born in Leicester, Leicestershire, England.
  • Emigrated to Australia with parents and brother, Neil, as 10 pound poms in the early 1960’s.
  • Childhood in working class suburb of Acacia Ridge, Brisbane. Brothers Aaron, Paul, and Philip and sister Kathy were born.
  • Attended Watson Road State School and Acacia Ridge State High School. I don’t think the high school exists any more.
  • Attended University of Qld and studied Journalism and Ancient History.
  • My work experience is varied and has included Customs Officer, SCUBA Instructor, in the media, college teacher and as operated own businesses.
  • I have two wonderful kids: Son – Kyle, and Daughter – Bree.
  • Finally completed 2 degrees – in Arts / Journalism and Public Relations, and in Business / marketing at Central Qld University. Each was completed ‘With Distinction’.
  • Completed first novel “Traveller – Inceptio”, Traveller book 1 – self-published in 2016.
  • Five novels are now published. I have completed 6 novels in all and am working on #7. I go by numbers at the moment.

Regarding topics of controversy

As an author it is inevitable that we discuss topics that might be seen to be controversial. Here are some points for readers to consider:

  • I love history and am happy to have any errors in my historical narrative corrected by specialists in the field. I welcome this and, one day, expect this to happen.
  • I am increasingly fascinated by the world, especially the history and cultures of the Middle East, that is the area that is today known as Israel, Palestine, Judaea, etc. We know this region is fraught with divisive politics, partly because true history is difficult to remove from the religious tales of the Bible and other related works. In my visits there, I have always found the land fascinating, the people colourful and friendly, the real history awesome, the food incredible and the vibe troubling. No, I am not anti-Semitic, but delight in the hospitality and cultures of all peoples of the world. I hope, one day, to travel safely through the greater Middle-East region, Russia and China to experience the sights, foods and peoples currently made increasingly inaccessible through needless war and conflict.
  • I am opinionated. Anyone who researches has to develop an opinion that runs counter to today’s political and commercial interests. It’s inevitable. I especially have a concern with the global culture of endless wars and hope for the day when the 1984 style politics and culture of war is done away with. As quoted by US Marine Major General Smedley D. Butler, War is a racket – driven by greed.
  • I am not religious. I was raised religious, so I have experienced religious attitudes and teachings for the early parts of my life. I believe religion has no role in politics.
  • I am a greenie, hoping for the technologies and attitude that allows us to make less of a footprint on the globe in which we live, to live harmoniously with each other, the creatures with which we share this glorious planet, and the world as a whole. 
  • Yes, I’m looking for an agent and a professional publisher to ensure a more effective marketing effort for my books.

I hope you enjoy my novels. Five novels are now published, with my next, ‘Just a Blip’, expected to be published early 2024.