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The Journey

Writing can be a challenge, but it’s one I enjoy and will persist with.

I read a lot of books and, like most of us, have enjoyed the brilliant and decried the rubbish, but there seems to be a market for all.

In my humble opinion, part of writing is to make the topic either totally fantastic, or to hold up to some reasonable scrutiny from the reader. If the research or continuity has been shoddy, enjoyment tends to go out the window.

Traveller took a long time to research and write and was a process that included people who passed through my life. In the creative process I thank two people still in my life; my good friend Mike Stillman who acted as an editor for my inexperienced ramblings, and Mum who was my censor where she recommended I trim some words that might have become too florid.

Once an author has a reasonably completed document, it is very difficult to be taken seriously by a publisher. Either you must be a celebrity with a known face and offer literature of questionable value, or you must be an established author. Understandably, for the publisher it’s all about making the sale.

So, as is required, I have made the investment to self-publish and did so through Balboa Press. Now I have a physical book, though the journey to have it competently marketed  continues. While I have enjoyed some reasonable sales and good comment, which suggests a product worth persevering with,  it’s a long road.

So now, to follow my dreams and goals, I took on life as it dished out a few lemons and now I’m making lemonade. With my partner, Debra-Jane, we are travelling the world to research and write, to make new friends and hopefully to create stories and books that are enjoyable and worth the read.

It is certainly a journey. I hope you can join me.

Rob Shackleford Writing in Canada
Writing in Canada with snow outside.

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